Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Fun in June!

End of the School Year Celebration
Every year we do something special with the boys to celebrate the end of school and the beginning of summer. This year we had a BBQ and campfire in the backyard. We roasted marshmallows and starbursts. Fun start to summer!

Taylor decided roasted starburst were the Bomb!!

Watch out for those sparks, Brayden!

My boys!

Table Rock Hike with the Schultz Family

On our way up to Table Rock.

The boys love exploring up at Table Rock. Here they are climbing in their favorite cave.

Cute pic of Taylor and Aubrey

The men...what more can I say.

At the top of Table Rock overlooking Boise...beautiful!

Parker with a new pet, Stinky the Stink Bug. (It didn't come home with us :o))

We did it! Here we are at the end, back where we started. Great company, great fun!!

Settlers Park
We discovered Settlers Park this summer! What a great park! Rock wall, oversized instruments, playground, water, snack shack. The kids were lovin' it!!

Brayden, at the top of the rock wall

Adam and Taylor getting a bucket full of water over their heads!

Nicole and Parker...a little hesitant to get wet.

Love seeing them getting happens once in awhile, and here's the proof!

Uncle Ted and Aunt Sheila took Taylor and Brayden to Roaring Springs with free tickets they earned through a reading program at school. So, I took Nicole, Parker, and Julia for a special day in Lisa's pool. They had a blast even though half the day was overcast. It was fun hanging out with Lisa again. With her moving clear across town to Eagle we don't get to see each other as often. :o( We try to make the most of it when we do see each other. It was like old times...Brian's in trouble for not keeping his promise to keep Lisa in Columbia Village once they got married! Should've got it in writing. :o)

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